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Small Talk is all about the insights, the research, and the discussions around Small Business Owners.

If B2SB Marketing® agency, Cargo, is the artsy, rule-breaking sibling, think of Small Talk as the intellectual bookworm—always studying, always wanting to learn more.

Small Business Owners are not a static or homogenous group. They have different ways of working, thinking, and interacting with big brands, and are also constantly evolving.

As marketers, you have to keep up with them.

At Small Talk, the work we do is essential to understanding, predicting, marketing to, and, most importantly, giving a human voice to Small Business Owners.

We initiate the groundbreaking research that leads to the nut-cracking insights, which leads to the most effective campaigns. But that’s not all. We also host panel discussions and forums, introduce SBOs who deserve to be noticed, and act as advocates for Small Business Owners. After all, we are one.

Small Talk will change the way marketers think about and talk to Small Business Owners. And we’re not keeping everything we’ve found to ourselves. You’re invited to listen in and join the conversation.  

Welcome to Small Talk.

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