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Here’s how one innovative logistics company is helping small dairy producers bring their product to customers.

We’ve been seeing lots of unfortunate footage lately. Dairy farmers across the US and Canada have been dumping millions of gallons of milk every day. Why? They simply have no market for it or no way of getting it to vendors and customers.

One logistics company also noticed and decided to do something about it.

GetSwift is a provider of SaaS logistics technology. It has brought east-coast dairy farmers, creameries and suppliers on board for its farm-to-table delivery management.

Amongst them: in southwest Virginia, Homestead Creamery providing fresh milk, butter, and ice cream. In Babylon, New York, Nounos Creamery making authentic bag-strained Greek yogurt. And in Charlotte, North Carolina, Fresh List selling local produce, dairy, and meats.

All three are now on board. GetSwift is helping them get their products to hungry and thirsty customers during stay-home orders—and survive during a challenging time.

Read more about it here.

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